Blue Light Blocking Glasses Work

Blue Light Blocking Glasses Work

With all the technology out in the world that is offered to us, I noticed my eyes have become more itchy, dry and red. After an evening on my computer I noticed how “digitally” strained my eyes have become and I how I had a hard time then sleeping. This is why i wore blue light blocking glasses every day for a week—here’s what i learned:

The human eye is a magnificent organ. The eye is very effective at blocking UV rays from reaching the back of the eyeball. However, the human eye is not very good at blocking the blue light and virtually all visible blue light will reach the back of the eye. This excessive blue light may contribute to macular degeneration and permanent vision loss. However, not all blue light is bad. Blue light is important in boosting alertness, improving memory and elevating your mood, unfortunately at the wrong time, blue light messes with the circadian rhythm.

Blue light blocking glasses filter out the active blue light not only from your computer screens and the technology at your fingertips. Yes, we are exposed to light all night in our homes, but computer screens and electronics generally give off light that is especially rich in blue wavelengths since they are closer to our eyes. During the day, blue lights a mood boosting. The excessing blue wavelengths at night from the computer screen can disrupt your body’s natural clock and natural circadian rhythm which for me lead to insomnia. Nothing worse than laying there at night hoping to fall asleep knowing the morning is quickly approaching.

After much research, I found the blue light blocking glasses are supposed to manage the body’s sleep patterns at night. So, I tried them. With many options out there, it was hard to decide which to choose. Not wanting the amber lenses which is one of the options, I opted for a pair of glasses that had blue light blocking polymer directly incorporated lenses. The lenses reflect some of the blue light before it reaches your eyes without messing with the color of objects that the amber lenses tend to do.

I started to wear these glasses in the evening about three hours before preparing for bed. After the first night I noticed an easier time being able to fall asleep and I felt much more refreshed when I woke in the morning. As a skeptic I figured this was due to being tired enough to sleep. So, night two my alarm went off on my phone to don my blue light glasses and I did. Again, I had a wonderful night sleep that second night. Could it be the blue light glasses are blocking the blue lights that have been affecting my sleep? Could it be I was sleeping deeper since my circadian rhythm is where it should be? The third night would tell me the truth. The alarm goes off in the evening and the glasses come on. Another restful night of sleep. These glasses are amazing.

After wearing these glasses for a week, I learned how important quality of sleep is to every aspect of my life. If something as simple as wearing glasses at night for a couple of hours improves that, I am all for it.

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