freddy wr up

freddy wr up

Many women dream of a Kim Kardashian’s b-side. But, unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with a round bottom and for who has some “flatness issues” even sport only helps up to a certain point. But luckily shaping wear is becoming more and more popular, which is why it is now available not only as underwear, but also as jeans. Are you curious? Would you like to try it?

Allow us to introduce you: The Freddy WR.UP® pants.

Freddy WR.UP® pants.

You’re probably wondering what the difference is between push up jeans and normal denim pants right? Instead of sewing in straight lines in the bottom area as is usually the case, shaping jeans are woven in diagonal lines. In addition, the back pockets are kept rather small and sit directly on the buttocks, which emphasizes the buttocks advantageously.

And, these Freddy WR.UP® pants, even if their name suggest something pretty complex, are push up pants.  The WR.UP®  technology is what actually makes you have that perfect final look. This is a new push up jeans made with an innovative bi-elastic jersey-elastic fabric that allows the trousers to look the same as the jeans, but maintaining a typical jersey fit that is incomparably comfortable.  Its high quality material, mostly in cotton, once you wear it  will feel like a second skin gently wrapped around your body.

As push up pants are a processing method and not a specific type of trousers, and they are available in different models. First and foremost, of course, as skinny jeans, which also puts your legs on the spotlight. But also a high waist jeans can look very beneficial in the push-up version, because it not only makes your backside look lifted up, but it optically stretches your legs as well.

Freddy WR. UP®    pants also come in the sport version, to look perfect anywhere you go.

What it’s like: with good trousers you have a good basis for an outfit, but still sometimes you just don’t know how to combine them. And jeans are one of the best basics ever! How you can style them in different styles? We’ll show you now.

Styling Tips For WR.UP®Jeans

You can combine a casual outfit with a push up jeans in two ways. First, by combining a basic T-shirt with it and then putting some eye-catching jewellery, bag or shoes. Even a normal jeans with a white T-shirt can become an eye-catcher if you work with red accessories, for example. This year, the trend colours yellow and ultra violet are the most popular combinations. On the other hand you can of course bet on plain jeans and a patterned top. Make sure it’s not too long and doesn’t cover your back, otherwise the push up jeans won’t make any effect on your figure.

For a business outfit with a push up jeans you should pay attention to high-quality materials for the top, jewellery, bag and shoes, this way, the look doesn’t look too casual.

Which shoes go with the Freddy WR.UP®pants?

You can always combine any type of shoe with a push up jeans. In order to support the figure-flattering effect of the trousers, it is however worthwhile to wear some high heels. They stretch your leg even more. If you still prefer to stay “closer to the ground”, you can of course combine trendy shoes or casual sneakers with your push up jeans.

For which type of figure are the Freddy WR.UP®pants?

Push Up Jeans are suitable for every type of figure – after all, they are meant to shape our bodies!

Where can I buy Freddy WR.UP®pants?

Beware of imitations and counterfeited products, only shop at Freddy’s official website to get the most from their quality.

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