How to make sure that your makeup would stay all day?

How to make sure that your makeup would stay all day?

Since the wedding season has already started, Houston makeup artists are getting plenty of bookings each day for the party makeups and the bridals ones. Since the primary concern for all the women attending the wedding and the parties is to look beautiful, they wear makeup, and they want their makeup to stay there all day long. But we see a drastic change appearing in the people’s looks as time passes and getting involved in other activities.

Everyone wants to know the secrets of staying beautiful and fresh all day long at a party or a wedding, including the bride. So here we have got the simple tips that would help you look beautiful all day long.

  • The skin preparation before the application of the makeup is something significant and cannot start right on the day of the event. You have to regularly moisturize, cleanse, and tone your skin to look healthy, and the makeup you wear on it looks beautiful.
  • The next is to apply a primer or a foundation that would give you an even tone. Always use a brush for it so that the powder is evenly distributed, and remember that you have to apply only a tiny amount so that the cakey look does not appear on the skin.
  • Next, you will be using the shiner on the cheeks and on the other parts that need some attention and fix the issues with the concealer’s help. Always use a small amount of it and buy the colors close to your skin tone and are not very much different from your skin.
  • Then comes the eye makeup, something that is very important and is noticed a lot as well. To let the eye makeup stay the whole day, you must use waterproof mascara and liner. The lashes used are already artificial so that they won’t get affected, but the sweat can make the mascara and liner go bad with time. Using the waterproof ones keeps you safe from breakage or smudged looks. Work on the brows and pop them out.
  • Make the lips popped up using some matte lipstick because the glossy ones get bad or spread up in no time. The tip to let the matte lipstick stay for long is to apply face powder or talcum powder on the base of the lips and then apply the lipstick on it.

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