Traveling Together: Why it’s Essential for Your Relationship

Traveling Together: Why it’s Essential for Your Relationship

Traveling to unfamiliar places, whether it’s another state or a different country, is an essential part of human life. Ancient Egyptians, Romans, and even British royalty traveled for pleasure and education. People, though having permanent homes, are nomadic creatures. We were born to wander the world either for enjoyment or for finding meaning and direction in our lives.

While this activity is a great way to improve yourself, it may also enhance your relationship with your spouse or partner, according to recent studies. Here’s what they say.

Experiences are Great Gifts

If you want to give your partner an anniversary gift they won’t forget, take them on a road trip, see a concert, or go on vacation to another country. According to an article about gift-giving from the University of Pennsylvania, while material gifts make people happy, experiential ones make them much more content and connected with you.

You don’t have to opt-out of giving material things as gifts entirely; in fact, they can complement your trip. Custom jewelry, such as engraved rings and bracelets, can be the perfect memento for your romantic getaway.

You Become More Intimate 

Apart from the great memories you share on the road, traveling may give you and your partner a chance to be more intimate.  A recent study by the U.S. Travel Association surveyed over 1,100 adults over the phone about their travel habits with their partner. More than 65% of respondents, who reported being satisfied with their relationships, find vacations essential in keeping the romantic spark alive with their partners. About one in four of them also said that their relationships improved after traveling together.

While you may live in one house, chances are that you’re both preoccupied at work in the day and too tired for intimacy at night. A vacation is an escape from the usual nine-to-five routine for you and your partner. With free time on your hands, you get to rest and rekindle your intimacy.

You Share New Experiences

There may be times when you feel like your stuck in a routine with your partner, whether it’s your usual dates to your favorite restaurant or the nightly Netflix binges. While these are all valid and beautiful ways to spend time with one another, it may be helpful to break the habit and share new experiences. A trip to an entirely new place will do just that. The U.S. Travel Association survey also found that 79% of respondents travel with their partners specifically to gain new experiences.

Try base jumping off of the Troll Wall in Norway. Go birdwatching in Cape May in New Jersey. Get completely lost in the streets of a city or country you’ve never visited before. You’ll be reminiscing about these memories years after your trip.

You Work as a Team Again

From booking your flight to Salt Lake City to figuring out your itinerary, planning a vacation is no easy task. Every trip is a chance for you to work with your spouse or partner to solve all sorts of challenges. You can’t avoid inconveniences like flight delays, hotel booking problems, or arguments about which place to visit first. When you overcome these trials with your partner, you’ll find that you’re closer than you were before.

As great as traveling is for discovering yourself, it doesn’t have to be a solo affair. Going on a trip with your partner will make you closer and more intimate with each other. Experiences, unlike material things, last a lifetime. As such, it’s the perfect gift for the love of your life.

Meta Title: Traveling Together: The Secret to a Lasting Relationship

Meta Description: Traveling is a great gift to your partner and a bonding experience for the two of you. It may also be essential for a lasting relationship. Here’s why.


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