3 prom dresses trends

3 prom dresses trends

Find your ideal prom dresses after reading this note.

There is not much time left for your prom party? If so, you are surely looking for the best prom dresses that will help you look spectacular in one of the most important events of your life. In the following article, you can find the latest news in the fashion industry. Do not miss it!

There are different dresses for each type of taste, whether you are one of the girls who prefer the classic and sober colors, or the one who love to follow the latest trends and dare colors. Enjoy an exclusive note dedicated to explain about three different models of prom dresses. We are sure you will fall in love! Choose the perfect dress!

Jovani brings new trends in prom dresses. The talented designers of the brand, indicate that, regarding fabrics, transparencies and superimposed tulles will be the protagonists of this year.


As for colors, there are two trends: color palette for a day event and color palette for a night event. On the one hand, for events during the day, it is advisable to use colors such as whites, greens and rosé tones. On the other hand, for a night event, sequins, metallic or bright colors, are the best option. It is true that pastel colors will continue to set trends. However, intense colors will have a strong presence in fashion. So, we will see colors like electric reds, blues, and greens.


Regarding the type of materials and textures, 2018 comes recharged from the use of lace. It is one of the favorite trends for being a mixture of beauty, elegance, sensuality, and romanticism. Also, another of the things for which the lace is fashionable is because it is effortless to combine. The lace will continue to make a difference between guests, especially when it comes to a tight dress prom. Using it will allow you to look sexy and sweet at the same time. Some brands are opting to use lace in black dresses, as it is a mixture of color and fabric that gives total elegance to your look. Also, another of the significant advantages of lace is that it fits all body types.

The lace is one of the most expected returns of fashion, as they manage to give clothing a piece of cuteness and elegance. If you wear a pastel-colored lace with beautiful accessories, you will achieve the perfect look! You will look lovely!

In the same way, the dresses with details in rhinestones are the new cry of fashion. This trend brings back the Baroque style. The application of the rhinestones is made on the fabric, trying to form parts of the silhouette. So, this style has taken over the red carpets. This is the case of celebrities such as Rita Ora or Georgina Chapman, who opted for ps dresses decorated with gold rhinestones. This new baroque style has shown that you should not be afraid to use it in an elegant event.

If you manage to mix the two significant trends: lace and rhinestones, you will reach the perfection that night.



Is one of the styles most loved by women. It is a dress that mixes sensuality and elegance. It is ideal if you have a very defined body and a very small waist. Being a tight dress, it shapes your silhouette like that of a model of the high catwalk. There is a variety of colors, but if you wear a red one, you will not go unnoticed that night!


Is one of the new trends that all designers are incorporating into their collections. It is a dress capable of highlighting your silhouette, in addition to giving prominence to your back, which is marked by a detail of rhinestones. It is a dress that brings sensuality without the need to show body parts such as the bust or legs. But, it is a more sophisticated sensuality, achieved by showing one of the most beautiful areas of a woman: her back.

Follow fashion trends to captivate the look that night!


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