A Comprehensive Guide to Gold Sequin Bridesmaid Dresses

 A Comprehensive Guide to Gold Sequin Bridesmaid Dresses

Summary: Would a mermaid dress look good on you, or a column dress? Here is a complete guide to how you can wear a gold sequin dress as a bridesmaid.

As the date is set and your friend is about to take a big step in her life, you find yourself surrounded by questions. Which dress would look good on you as a bridesmaid? Do you want to look traditional and sexy or modern and shy?

The choice is hard to make, but you can go for the best of both worlds with the gold sequin bridesmaid dresses. After picking the dress color, where shall you move next?

For further assistance on this particular matter, here is a comprehensive guide mentioned below.

Celebrate Your Assets

Concealing is not the best idea sometimes when you can feel like a princess. Let the charming gold sequins wrap your body as you carry off a floor-length trail elegantly. Instead of layering it up or adding extra fabric, find a skirt that moves with your body.

A silhouette that perfectly skims your body is a way to charm the guests. If you have an hourglass figure and sexy curves to show off, column dresses are perfect.

Don’t worry; the skirt can conceal not-so-favorite parts. But the focus remains on your hourglass assets. Of course, gold sequins add an adequate oomph factor.

Maxi Dress Works for Any Theme

Choosing the bridesmaid dress is not exactly a cakewalk, as you need to consider a few things. From balancing a match with the bridal gown to focusing on the theme – there is hard work required. Moreover, you need to consult with the entire bridal party.

When you are on the verge of losing your composure, browse through the maxi dresses. Whether you are aiming for a traditional or bohemian look, gold sequined maxi dresses are what you need.

Long sparkly silhouette not only catches people’s attention but also turns a few heads. It also works as a backup plan when the bride cancels the mix and match style. The whole bridal party wearing the same gold sequin dress can kindle a spark of magic on the D-day.

Mermaid Dresses in Gold Sequins

When you are looking for a mix of sexy and elegant, mermaid dresses cross your mind. And mermaid gold sequin dresses call for a jaw-dropping appearance.

It does not matter whether it is strapless or not; the main feature alludes to the mythical creature of fairy tales. The fitted bodice accentuates your assets, and the sweetheart neckline creates an illusion of cleavage. Sequins maintain the right amount of oomph, and the flattering fit is a glamorous look for curvaceous ladies.

You might have noticed how the sexy cut has been dominating the red carpet for years, and it’s your time to give the gorgeous silhouette a try.

Halter-Neck for a Daring Neckline

Halter neck is universally sexy, and the fashion statement touches a whole another level with the gold sequins. A halter neck sequin dress comes with a strap that holds up the upper part of the outfit. Many of the halter necks have a backless and high-neck design.

It is stylish and shows off enough skin without crossing the line between sexy and provocative. Modern bridesmaids love the style, and they can show off plenty of shoulders and arms.

If you are not aiming for age-old strapless design, it is an interesting alternative. Also, the petite bridesmaids need not worry because the design adds a little bit of height to the frame.

Follow a Timeline

Nothing gets messier than the last minute changes or deliveries. When you are buying online, you should consider time as a factor.

If you want the dress to get delivered within 15 days, prepare to pay extra charges. For speeding things up, the online store needs to pay an additional fee to the sewer. Additionally, you must pay up before shipping.

From January to April, it is the peak season because of the spring festival holiday. So, the dress takes 30 days to reach. Otherwise, the regular period is between May and December. Then the dress may drop at your doorstep within 25 days.

Now, imagine how long you have to wait to get the final dress, after returning the first order. Yes, the time frame may be around 6 months! So, you should think ahead of the process.

While Deciding on the Final Dress

When you know it is going to be a gold sequin dress but not sure about the rest of the style, you can consult with the bridal party. Email the photos of the dresses you shortlisted to the group and ask about their opinions.

In this way, you can understand whether anyone else is eyeing on the same design. With their helpful insights, you can happily make the final purchase.

Before putting the last cherry on the cake, look at your jewelry, accessories, and bags. As your dress is all about the bling, you can tone down the embellishment train. Focus on the intricate details, and strike a similarity with your friend. Meanwhile, if the bride-to-be is confused about what to wear, the latest collection of sexy wedding dresses can answer to her demands.

Author bio: Emily Smith is a fashion blogger, and she spends most of her time writing about how to flaunt sexy wedding dresses without trying hard. Here, she gives out a few useful tips about gold sequin bridesmaid dresses.


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