How to Determine Your Fashion Style   

How to Determine Your Fashion Style  

It is a good thing to know your fashion preference. When you go to the shopping mall, you will know what kind of clothes to buy. You also see if you will follow the trend or not. When you intend to buy a suit from a bespoke tailor, you won’t have a hard time determining what you want. You already have ideas in your head.

If you are someone who is yet to find a personal style in fashion, you need to follow these tips to guide you.

Find someone you can look up to 

If you don’t know what kind of fashion style works for you, take a look at celebrities. It does not mean that what they are wearing will look good on you. The point is that you need to take inspiration from them, so you will know what works for you. Sometimes, you will find someone whom you can relate to, and you might have a look at that person’s style.

Describe what you want 

If you can’t visualise what you want in clothes, you can at least describe it. You won’t end up with the best clothes right away, but you can somehow eliminate the other types of clothing that don’t fit your preference. You can choose a classic style over modern. You might also prefer bold colours instead of neutral palettes.

Find a signature piece

Some people have a signature look, and they don’t mind having similar clothes in different colours in their closet. The primary reason why you need to have a signature look is to help create a brand. People will easily remember or recognise you when they think of a specific style. You also stand out above others because you seem to own a particular style. For instance, you will find male celebrities who prefer wearing something formal and simple, regardless of the event. Others want more comfortable clothes that don’t seem to fit them perfectly as their style.

Determine your strengths

The clothes you wear need to highlight the part of your body that you wish people to see. You will always look good if you play to your strengths, instead of stressing your flaws.

Comfort needs to be the priority 

In the end, you can decide whatever style you think will work for you. However, the best tip is to stay comfortable. You can’t force yourself to like a style even if it does not suit you because everyone else is wearing it. You need to have a style that defines you, but it can’t be the only reason why you choose clothing.

You may also seek help from your friends who are always fashionable. If you decide to buy a bespoke suit soon and you still don’t know what works for you, these fashion experts can give you some tips. Even your tailor can help you decide on every aspect of the suit. You will still have the final word, but you will at least make a more informed choice. 

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