Go smoothly into the new season with a lingerie wardrobe that will give you a seamless shape, great support and make you feel wonderful from the inside out too. Pandora Sykes shares her first-hand knowledge on how to wear lingerie now…

There is nothing more rudimentary than underwear. You wear it everywhere, with everything, to every occasion (at least, I hope). And yet more often than not, we are so cavalier with the underwear we choose. Is that bra actually your size? Meh, you might think, who cares, it’s so pretty.

Well, sorry to be the Brassiere Police, here, but you may not realise how important it is to wear a bra with your correct cup size. Not only because good lingerie is the foundation to a great outfit – however nice your dress is, it’s not going to look it’s best if you’ve not got the right basics and because, quite frankly, you deserve to be holstered and bolstered to your best human ability. You’ve those assets for a long time. Look after them. Here’s how…

  1. Take time to find perfect lingerie

Pioneered by Rihanna, Kendall Jenner and a cohort of other celebrities working the look for Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger campaigns, you’ve no doubt heard of the trend for “underwear as outerwear”. But it doesn’t need to be as brazen as that. Just because you can’t see something, doesn’t mean it isn’t worthy of your attention (a subtext for mindfulness, if ever I wrote one.) The Lingerie Room, a gorgeous space in all Brown Thomas stores is just the place to make this intention a reality.

“Complimentary fittings with a team of experts, in large and luxurious changing rooms, are combined with an extensive range of lingerie for you to choose from. This set up is the stuff of lingerie dreams.”

Pandora Sykes

  1. Break the mould

Yes there’s exquisite silk and lace lingerie out there, but there’s also new technology and incredible fabrics that mould and lift your assets, such as Empreinte, who focus on a C cup and above (all the way up to an H.) Because it’s time beautiful bras were available to women with larger breasts, not just the modest.

  1. Don’t be afraid to be minimal.

If you’re into a more minimalistic approach, why not try the gender-fluid new undies brand from Les Girls Les Boys founder, Serena Rees? Think super-soft, sheer mesh underwire bras and matching sheer mesh knickers. Another young brand garnering attention for its democratic price point and gorgeously fun prints is Dutch brand, Love Stories. (Also the perfect gift for any teenage family members.)

  1. Your body is always changing shape.

I know from personal experience how hard it can be to find good underwear when pregnant; joyfully, The Lingerie Room is also home to niche maternity brands like Hot Milk and Heidi Klum, an incredible line-up of swimwear and must-have hosiery and nightwear. There is also an entire bridal department. Why not celebrate your impending big day with a fitting, where you can sample the ultimate delights from La Perla, Simone Perele (who I wore on my very own wedding day) and Wacoal?

  1. Because you’re worth it

From strapless to sporty; frilly and feminine to spare and simple: The Lingerie Room has a brand for every single woman and every single bust.

“Good underwear isn’t cheap. But if you’re going to spend money on anything: let it be on delightful undercrackers.”

Pandora Sykes

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