How to Wear Shirts with Button-Down Collars

How to Wear Shirts with Button-Down Collars

Gone are the days when you could just throw on whatever clothes you had to hand. Today, there are essential fashion rules to follow. It’s important that you do because our clothes affect people’s first impressions of us.

You may think that your clothing choices don’t influence others, but studies have shown the opposite.

Button-down collar shirts are great for any man’s wardrobe, but how do you wear them properly? Here’s everything you need to know.

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Keep It Casual

Most people consider a shirt and suit the perfect combination, but button-down collars are different. They should always be worn casually to achieve the right look. On some occasions, you can pair with some dark trousers or a blazer, but be careful you don’t go too formal.

A great combination is button-down Farah Shirts with a sports jacket and trousers. You can also wear jeans for a relaxed style. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out

Tie It Up

Ties are known to be a formal piece of attire, but there are casual ties around. You should go for something with a napped surface or worsted wool material. A silk tie with a basic pattern also works. Please note, we’re talking about simple stripes or continued patterns. Going casual doesn’t mean sporting a garish novelty tie. Don’t go there.

How to Handle the Rules

Everyone in their lifetime has broken a vital fashion rule and lived to tell the tale. In the business environment, etiquette is everything. We’ve highlighted how important first impressions are, and your wardrobe is essential to how seriously people take you in the workplace.

If you’ve noticed people staring at you or giving you subtle hints, then it’s likely they don’t approve of the way you’re dressing. Nobody should ever come up to you and tell you directly, and you shouldn’t do the same to others.

There are lots of helpful videos and guides available to teach you about what to wear and ensure you make the right impression. Remember, the general rule is to follow the advice you’re given, but some people don’t and they make it work. If you like to push your boundaries, then you can try different combinations. You never know: you might instigate a new fashion craze!

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