Suit Colours and When to Use Them  

You can find all sorts of colours these days when it comes to suits. If you check out celebrities walking down the red carpet, you see them experimenting with unique suits. It does not have to be among these famous people only. You can also play with suit colours if you want, especially if you are going to buy made to measure suits. Since you can decide what to tweak on the original design, you can have colour as one of them. To give you an idea which one to choose, these are the common suit colours and what they mean.


Blue is a colour that shows authority. Navy blue is the most popular shade of blue for suits. It is perfect when speaking publicly. It is a commanding colour without being too overwhelming. Every gentleman needs to have blue in their closet.


It is perhaps the most popular option for men around the world. Black might be boring, but it is safe. You will never go wrong when you choose it. Whether you are attending a wedding or a funeral, you will look great in black. Besides, matching it with shirts and ties would also be easy. It also evokes deep emotions. Regardless of your skin tone, you will look amazing in black.


This colour has a wide range from dark charcoal to light dove. Regardless of the hue, grey would be amazing on you. It is another safe suit that is appropriate in almost every occasion. It might be a bit tricky to pair up with accessories though. However, if you are bold enough, even if you decide to match it with pastels, you can still pull it off.


Brown is the colour that suggests you are an approachable person. It is the type that you need to wear when you are heading to a job interview, or you are meeting new people for the first time. Other earth tones like moss are also becoming popular these days. The good thing about earth tones is that they are versatile enough for you to look amazing whether you are heading to a casual event or a formal business meeting.


It is a tricky colour to choose, and you need to avoid it if you do not want to attract attention. It is rare seeing red in business meetings and corporate events. You can wear red at your wedding since all eyes will be on you anyway. When wearing red, you need to wear a white shirt and use minimal accessories. The colour of the suit is already overwhelming enough. You also need to have the right shade, or else it will look cheap.


Another unique colour that gives off the energy that a red suit provides, but with the calmness of blue. It is tricky to pull off, and there are not a lot of occasions where you could wear it. You also need to pair it up with simple accessories.

Take your time in selecting the right colour. Make sure it matches your personality and preference.



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