Top 8 Things to Look for In A Fashion-Forward Motorcycle Backpack

Top 8 Things to Look for In A Fashion-Forward Motorcycle Backpack

Backpacks are in fashion. We have seen so many celebrities wearing pack-backs to carry their belongings and so they are becoming very famous. We all know that carrying a backpack is a very easy and fun way to carry things around. You will have a lot of space and you can carry all kinds of stuff. Apart from this, backpacks do not strain your muscles or just one shoulder, and instead, it helps you divide the weight on both shoulders so you do not get tired easily. However, most people do not know that carrying your simple backpack while riding your motorcycle can get tricky. That’s where motorcycle backpacks come in.

One of the common misconceptions about motorcycle backpacks is that they are just like normal backpacks and if you have a good, reliable, and thick leather backpack, that’s all you need. Since backpacks are designed to help you carry your things around for a long time, they are designed to feel much lighter. The way traps are designed helps you carry heavier objects as well. The two straps at the back are usually attached very closely so your back, as well as shoulders, can support the weight easily. In most cases, motorcycle backpacks are designed with the same strategy but there are some additional features that you will only see in motorcycle backpacks.

With the help of this article, we will explore if it is safe to carry your backpack when you are riding a motorcycle for a long journey. We will further talk about some of the important features that you must check when you buy your motorcycle backpack. To help the beginners we have made a simple checklist that you can go through when you buy a backpack as well.

Is Carrying a Backpack Safe?

Carrying a backpack is a safer option only if you have a specialized backpack. Carrying a simple backpack might cause serious injuries and it can strain your back muscles as well. Most people claim that carrying weight on their back while riding a motorcycle will be tricky and this might cause them to lose balance which is a very genuine concern. However, if you choose a specialized motorcycle backpack, you will see that your back, shoulders, and the seat of your motorcycle are getting an equal amount of weight so you will not feel the strain that you might feel otherwise.

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying a Backpack

While selecting your backpack, keep in mind what you will be carrying. Apart from this, your body types will also play a very important role. If you are muscular, almost all backpacks will offer you enough support, however, in case you are skinny you need to look for some extra straps to support your chest, back, and shoulders.

Some of the main features that you need to look for in a good motorcycle backpack include:

  • Look for a steady zipper that can be secured without an extra lock
  • While looking for a backpack, look for extra chest straps that will help you secure and distribute the weight easily.
  • Your straps should have extra padding so they do not end up giving you rash or injury because of tightness.
  • Your backpack needs to have weatherproof covering as well.
  • Your backpack needs to have a strong out covering to avoid ripping because of sharp objects.
  • Look for a backpack that has extra spaces for attacking the back porter.
  • Get a thick material that is stretchable as well so it doesn’t rip if you add too much
  • Do not get a roll to close the backpack, this might cause a serious issue when you pack your stuff.

How to Pack Your Luggage Safely While Riding a Motorcycle

Packing your luggage is an art that you need to master. Since most people like to carry a lot of things you need to learn how to divide your luggage in different compartments without putting your motorcycle off balance. Apart from a backpack you also need saddlebags and some carriers if you are going on a week-long road trip.

  • Once you have divided and packed everything do not leave any loose end. Most people leave a dangling strap that gets stuck into the wheel and this will eventually cause serious accidents as well.
  • Closing your zipper properly is very important. Most people stuff too much luggage in their bag so once they start their journey, the zipper either breaks or the vibration can open up the zipper. You can use a lock to secure your zipper after packing everything.
  • When you wear your backpack, leave a little room for movement. While riding your motorcycle you will need room for movement and a tight bag will restrict your movement and might cause injury.
  • Leave a wiggle room in case of an accident because sometimes people strap their bags near their neck and chest area. This eventually causes serious neck injury when they get into an accident.
  • Once you pack everything, wear it and move a little so you know you will be comfortable while riding your motorcycle.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it is pretty safe to ride your motorcycle with a good motorcycle backpack. You can carry a lot of weight if you have a good enough backpack. In case you do not have a specialized backpack, it will strain your back and you might end up with a spinal injury which can be very dangerous as well. Usually, people do not prefer simple backpacks because riding a motorcycle can be a very tough job and when you have a lot of weight on your back, this can get trickier. Balancing the weight on your back as you go through tough terrains is a tough task. However, a good and tough backpack will go a long way and it will offer you the support you need to carry the weight. Even if you have a good backpack, you need to know how you are going to carry it and how it will suit your body structure. Muscular people usually think they can carry more weight but as they get on their motorcycle, they feel the weight is burdening them. Sometimes if you have not packed your stuff properly, it might cause some serious accidents as well so your backpack selection is very important.

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