Keys to choose your wedding jewelry and wear an impeccable style

Keys to choose your wedding jewelry and wear an impeccable style

A wedding is a thousand details and moments, a thousand memories to keep as treasures. But there is a figure that stands out above the others, which attracts the most attention and all eyes: the bride.

That day you shine with your own light. And so that nothing spoils or extinguishes your appearance, you must pay attention to all the details. The dress is first. The hairstyle is also key. The bouquet is the color note you need. And the jewels? The jewels of your wedding are the final touch, the closure that highlights all your virtues and makes you look dazzling.

Precisely for that reason, you must be very careful when choosing them: an inappropriate jewel can “squeak” and spoil your appearance, when it should do the opposite.

In this little guide I leave you several tips with which you will be right when choosing the gold jewellery designing for wedding.

3 general tips before choosing your wedding jewelry

 Before we start talking about specific pieces and aspects, there are 3 great tips that you should always keep in mind when choosing jewelry:

  1. “Less is more”

Surely you have read it in many places, but it is the great truth. And the reason is clear. The day of your wedding, you have a jewelry to speak. Your dress, your makeup, your hairstyle are special, exceptional, and demand attention.

But beauty is not in excess, but in balance: if you spend with jewelry, you will be overburdened, and the whole will lose impact, will be less harmonious. It is better to carry few pieces, because their impact will be greater, and they will enhance the rest of the elements.

  1. Do not mix

If you are silver, silver. If you are gold, gold, and the same tone. What does not finish to fit is the mixture of metals in different pieces that breaks the balance.

  1. Harmonizes the colors

When choosing your jewelry think about the whole. And this is valid for both metals and stones.

  • The metal should harmonize with the dress:Dresses in shades of ivory, or with beige shades, fit very well with yellow gold, and with pink, which are becoming increasingly fashionable. For white dresses, white gold and silver are the options that work best.
  • The gems, or shine or fit:What is not shine or fit, should not be used. The classic wedding stones are diamonds, zircons or pearls, sparkles and white sparkles. If you are going to add a note of color, the stone does not matter: turquoises, sapphires … what matters is that they harmonize with any other element of color that is in your attire: in the dress, in the hairstyle or in the bouquet. If it does not fit, they will be too many colors and again the balance is broken.

 These three general rules must be present at all times when choosing wedding jewelry.

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