Tips on Taking Care of Silver Jewellery to Make It Last Longer   

Tips on Taking Care of Silver Jewellery to Make It Last Longer  

When you buy pieces of silver jewellery, you want to see them last longer. Imagine if you spent a lot of money to purchase one, and you ended up losing it. You also need to buy one that fits your preference, or else you are wasting your money on the jewellery.

Once you buy the piece, you might feel excited about using it. Before you do, remember the essential tips to make it last longer.

Check the number

The silver digits will tell you how often you need to clean the jewellery. If you have something that has a rating of .950, you need to polish it consistently. However, if you have something with a rating of .925, it does not require consistent cleaning as the material is sturdy enough. Quality silver jewellery store offers pieces with .925 rating, so you have a guarantee that you can use the item for a long time.

Don’t keep the jewellery wet

For silver, water itself is not necessarily a bad thing. The problem is that you might have jewellery in contact with impure water. It can make the piece look tarnished or dull. Therefore, when you are heading to the shower, it is not a good thing to wear jewellery. If you forget to take it off, let it dry after bathing. When you are heading to the pool, remove the jewellery. Pools contain chlorine, which is a harsh chemical, and your jewellery will most probably not survive it. Worse, when you bathe in hot springs, silver will most definitely end up getting destroyed. The presence of sulphur will lead to a chemical reaction which the damages silver.

Find the right storage area

Don’t keep the jewellery lying on your nightstand or in a jewellery chest with no cover. You don’t want to tarnish it. Keep it in a safe storage area. Airtight bags are a good idea, especially if they have anti-tarnish protection. Proper storage helps ensure that the jewellery maintains its brilliance and lustre.

Remove jewellery at home 

You don’t need to wear your bracelets or necklaces at home. When you are doing household chores such as laundry and dishes, take them off. You might be using chemical agents that could damage it. You also need to remove it when you are exercising or playing sports. If you are out on an outdoor adventure, you should leave your jewellery at home. You don’t need it when you are in these places, and it probably won’t match your outfit.

Silver is quite delicate, and you don’t want to damage it. If you spend a lot of money purchasing it, you want to make it last longer. With the help of these tips, you can use your jewellery for a long time. You can check out if you are yet to buy silver jewellery, and you want something that can have your fingerprints on it. Customised silver jewellery might be a bit expensive, but it is worth the price.

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